All too often we refrain from doing our dreams and playing at excellence because we think that The Great Ones are different from us. Not true. All of those we admire – whether in business or the arts or science or society – started from nothing. But they started. And each day – incrementally – they fuelled their vision. And took steps to move it forward. From 9 people to 100 to a thousand. To arguably the biggest rock band in the world.

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Balance is a gorgeous thing. So, be monomaniacal in your execution around your high-value targets, your HVTs, your mission plan, but also build in some rewards. That's going to send a gorgeous message to your conscious and your subconscious mind that hey, this daily practice of execution around my deliverables is a beautiful thing. And you create this thing called momentum. In The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, I went back and I saw this recently, I think there's a whole chapter on momentum, and you become like this... I love skiing. You start off small, but as you go down the slope, you pick up momentum. A lot of people say, "Robin, where do I start? I want to start a new business. I want to become abetter artist. I want to find the love of my life. I want to be a world-class creative. I want to multiply my financial life. Where do I start?" You just start. You just start. There's great power in the start. And when you start, life starts supporting you. Let me end on a little bit of philosophy. You know, life helps those who help themselves. You've got to make the first start to scale Everest. You've got to make the first phone call before you become a world-class salesperson. You've got to do your first painting before you become the Van Gogh of your field right now. You've got to eat the first avocado, if you understand the value of avocados and clean eating. You've got to start that first positive thought to recalibrate the neural circuits of negativity.You've got to start with that first act of love to let go of maybe the anger you used to have and being a cranky person on your rise to being an epic person. 

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