Often, we are our greatest abusers. And when we increase the caring of our selves, we begin to sense the secret glory that rests at our base. And come to know all that we truly are.

As you love yourself more, you’ll grow intimacy with your natural genius, discover your truest powers and honor your highest self. 

I’d love to help you play at your absolute best, in this era of immense upheaval. And so...

...I’m super excited to share that I’ve created a robust new audio program called The Victory Over Difficulty Anthem.

...I’m even happier to share that I’m giving it to you for free [even though it has a $95 value]. I’m doing this to celebrate your promise and to honor your gifts. You’re going to find this audio program really helpful to stay strong, positive and excellent during the pandemic.

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P.S. We're also happy to provide you the transcription of today's episode at no cost:

And I will share with you, with great love and respect, everything you do in your outer life, whether it's your relationship with money, your relationship with your productivity, your relationship with your craft, your relationship with your team, your relationship with your customers, your relationship with the world. All of those external relationships depend on one thing: the relationship you have with you.

Honor that relationship first, I call it the primary relationship of personal heroism. That's the relationship you have with yourself. Tend to that because every other relationship depends on that. And so when you say speak your truth, when you're scared, when you speak your opinion, when your voice shakes and it's difficult, that's a high act of honoring yourself. You'll build self-worth you'll build self-respect, you'll get more individual power, you'll feel stronger and every other relationship in your external world will rise as a result of that.

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