Imagine a dashboard with a dial or meter on it. At one end is the word “freedom”. At the other the word “responsibility.” To me, leadership and living a great life is striking the delicate balance between both. In other words, your needle – on your Responsibility Meter – should ideally stay in the middle. Ideally.

Life’s all about a balance. And one of the most vital of all balancepoints is the one involving freedom and responsibility. Yes, be free. Enjoy the moment. Have a good time. Live in the now. And, yet, be responsible. Set your goals. Keep your promises. Get important things done.

Where do you – today – sit in the Responsibility Meter? Too much time on the freedom side and not enough time on doing what’s required to build a world-class career and a world-class life? Or the other way around. Thinking about what being at the middle of the meter would look like is a wise idea. Because better awareness drives better choices. And better choices creates better results.

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