Why be an opening act when you and I both know you’re built to be a headliner?

If you’re already there now, beautiful. Bravo.

If you’re not, then my encouragement is to start the process today. A year from now, you’ll be so happy you did.

A strong beginning point is to consider this insight: one of the primary assets of genius is time mastery. [Time management is so old-school; the true sport is to master it].

Watch someone stuck in a victim mentality and a life of scarcity and you’ll see they waste their time.

...always playing with their digital devices because they lack a heroic ambition that will fuel their passion.

...always watching television and relentlessly hanging out with their friends because they haven’t articulated any inspiring targets.

...always waiting in long lines to go to the places the majority suggests are where you need to go to be cool. And accepted.

On the other side are the rare-air few who get amazing projects done, dominate their domains via their skill and lead lives of boundless joy and fulfillment [because service is the DNA of happiness].

The Top 5% of producers guard their time fiercely.

They are up early, have clear daily plans, run elite performance routines and alternate bursts of extreme productivity with periods of deep rest so they sustain their A-Game over a lifetime.

So let me offer you 5 valuable insights to help you multiply your impact in this world of endless overwhelm.

Time Mastery Tactic #1: Don’t be so available

The headliners go dark a lot.

They spend long stretches of time in solitude, monomaniacally focused on the masterwork they know will turn their field on its head.

They don’t give everyone their phone numbers and refuse to pick up every call. They set up their “Menlo Park Workspace” and stay free of technological distraction so their brains drop into “flow state”, presenting them with the disruptive and visionary ideas that allow them to become legendary.

Time Mastery Tactic #2: Get great at saying no

It’s human to avoid conflict.

We’re tribal at heart and have an ancient instinct to fit in. Kept the herd together thousands of years ago. Helped us survive instead of straying and starving.

Yet, now we’re in the modern era. And we’re still agreeing to every request asked of us. Yikes!

The pros are so very invested in their visions and so exceedingly committed to their dreams that they are excellent at saying no to anything that doesn’t advance the project they know will express their greatness. And uplift the world in the process.

Leadership isn’t a popularity contest.

Time Mastery Tactic #3: Learn to plan gorgeous weeks

The things you schedule are the things you’ll get done.

Simple insight, yes. Game-changing if you live it. [The willpower researchers say that “pre-commitment strategies” like goal-setting work superbly in making change that endures].

So, early every Sunday morning set a discipline to build out your ideal week ahead. Add your workout blocks and your family meals. Write in your creative segments and record your times for team meetings. Get each of our key pursuits into the plan. Then lock and load on it, daily.

Time Mastery Tactic #4: Let go of all toxic influences

You can own your craft and change the world. Or you can chill with energy vampires and hang with dream stealers.

You can’t do both.

The reality is not everyone is meant to travel with you all the way to the end.

People who don’t get you, demean your dreams, mock your ambitions and pour negativity on your abundant positive energy need to go. If you’re serious about standing in the glory of the full expression of your genius.

And serving the world unusually well.

Also release all addiction to the news, messy workspaces and following people on social media who speak to the worst of human nature.

Time Mastery Tactic #5: Get ultra fit

It’s not so common to make the link between peak physicality and epic creativity. Yet, the more great health you have, the better your brain will perform and the more energy stamina you’ll have to bring on the fire of your finest talents.

Dial in your fitness. Run my 2 Massage Protocol. Get in your Second Wind Workout. Try intermittent fasting. Cut out all processed food. Drink more water. Walk in nature. And sleep really really well.

And if you haven't already, I encourage you to download my new free guide The Victory Over Difficulty Report here

... it's full of philosophical + tactical insights for you to protect your positivity, battleproof your productivity and fireproof your mastery [while you actually grow your business in the process]. 

Ok. Hope these insights help you do work that inspires. And live a life you’ll be proud of at the end. I believe so much in your capacities and gifts. I pray you’ll act on my words and encouragements.

Love + respect,


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