In our world, we need more heroes.

More humans being real, delivering on their dreams, creating amazing things, running their own races and making lives better.⁣⁣

Yes: the rise to world-class is a messy sport.

As you reclaim your bigness, express more of your genius and step out into the world in a flight of blazing glory... will be misunderstood. will question yourself. will be copied. will be mocked. will be suppressed…

…or at least the dark forces of insecure critics will try to keep you down.

[The reality is that the very nature of being a visionary and world-changer during dark days means you’ll attract ridicule, jealousy and condemnation. You must not stop. At all costs. For our world craves your genius].

Living your heroic ambitions and materializing the potential you have sleeping inside of you isn’t a game for amateurs.

Nope. It’s for the pros.

Makes me think of trumpet legend Miles Davis.

He faced tremendous mistreatment in his youth. Struggled with addictions to substances. Was attacked by the critics who didn’t like the new places he was leading the field into (especially in the late 60s when he completely transformed his style).

Yet Miles Davis understood that being fully alive means that it’s far more important to honor your vision than bend to the will of the crowd.

You’ll never stand out if you have an insecure need to fit in, right?

Miles Davis got that being true to yourself is so much more heroic than living the life society wishes for you.

And so he did what he wanted to do. Produced the music that made his soul sing. Disrupted the way jazz had been played in an effort to break the new growing that would cause his best growth.

In one documentary I watched, his son shared that Davis never kept any of his old records at their home. When asked why he replied: “Dad wasn’t interested in what he’d already done, only in what he could create in the future.”

Betraying your originality—whether in your craft or within your private life—is a guarantee for the experience of misery.

Joy is the byproduct of being steadfast, loyal and faithful to your most enthusiastic dreams. Give up on these, and you’ll lose the magic that makes you special.

Anyway, just wanted to share what’s been on my mind and heart.

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Better days are coming. Use this stormy season to grow, strengthen and serve.

Love + Respect,


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