Our world is crying out for pure leaders, true heroes and real saviors.

We live in a time of radical change, overwhelming complexity and unparalleled volatility.

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening, you know what’s coming over the next few years will disrupt everything you know about how we currently live.


...entire sectors and industries have been wiped out.

...millions of jobs have been lost.

...the way things have always been done is over. Forever.

For the unprepared, what will unfold next will be utterly terrifying.

For those who are ready, the future will be awe-inspiring. And unspeakably exciting.

And so, you may ask me “Robin, what’s the single best move I can make to capitalize on the brave new world that is coming?”


...step into your natural state of herohood [yes — I did just make up yet another word. Because it’s an important one for you to embrace].

In messy times, it’s our heroes that lead the way.

Think Gandhi and Mandela, MLK and Mother Teresa, JFK and Steve Jobs.

Think Seneca and Nikola Tesla, Muhammad Ali and Oprah, Elon Musk and Jony Ive.

Yet, my point stays the same: why wait for another glorious hero to emerge and lead us from darkness into light when you have it in you to build yourself into the hero we all long to follow?

I’m not saying you need to lead our whole world...

I’m not saying you need to govern a nation.

I’m not suggesting you need to launch a movement.


I’m simply saying you just need to rewire your headspace and reconfigure your heartspace so you seriously begin to lead YOUR world...

...by seeing pure possibility where the majority spots adversity.

...by leveraging your most glamorous talents and capitalizing on your most luminous gifts.

...by ascending to becoming the most brave, excellent, alive and decent person you know.

...and, the supercool thing is that, as you do, you’ll automatically inspire the rest of us to do the same, in our own lives.

Upgrade your life and you upgrade the world’s life.

Glorious truth, right?

Herohood. It’s the single biggest opportunity of your lifetime. And the best commitment a fully alive human being like you can make, if you ask me.

If this speaks to you and you’re ready to step into your inner hero longing to see the light of day [while massively accelerating your business success as you multiply your influence, performance and service to society] then I’d love to help you...

During the coronavirus crisis, I committed myself to spending three deep months reviewing the “game charts”, mental models, morning routines, prosperity frameworks and lifestyle elevation processes that I’ve taught to the billionaires, sports legends and elite performers I’ve mentored for over 24 years.

...I then handcrafted the best information into a truly revolutionary online membership course for empire-builders and world-changers. 

...In other words, I decided to share my entire playbook that I’d previously only offered to my ultra-high net worth clients, so that you will x25 the rest of your pro and private life.

I named it The Top 5% Business Accelerator. It’s the best program I’ve ever made, by far [and I would never say that lightly], specifically designed for self-transformation and business optimization.

My team and I have decided to make a limited amount of memberships available by application only.

So go ahead and apply for the one of the small number of seats remaining for The Top 5% Business Accelerator before you miss this rare opportunity.

Nowhere else in the world will you learn:

... how billionaires went from where they started to worldwide influence

... the little-known creativity + innovation hacks of the great geniuses

... the fortune-making strategies of the great men and women of history

... the serenity secrets of the revered saints

... learning models and training frameworks to multiply your productivity exponentially while you experience time freedom, magic + beauty, wonderful times with your family and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re providing deep service to humanity.

Click here to apply for the one of the small number of seats remaining for The Top 5% Business Accelerator before my team closes registration.

DISCLAIMER - Please note...

Now, I need to be clear: all this remarkable knowledge is not worth anything to people who are dabblers, cynics and “tire kickers” who are not serious about learning world-class information that will help you rise to the Top 5% in your field.

Just being real. If you’re not ready to learn, grow, do the work and get giant things done, The Top 5% Business Accelerator is NOT for you. Save your money.

And yet, if you’re a serious entrepreneur who understands the extraordinary value of learning and education as a means to remake yourself into a wiser, stronger, faster and more agile performer while significantly growing your business in a time of acute crisis, then this digital program will be life-changing for you.

And absolutely priceless.

So do what all those in the Top 5% do and release all excuses, get off the fence...

...And apply for your membership into one of the world’s finest online programs to maximize your performance and grow your business in difficult times.

This is your time. You can rise above the mess. You can thrive and win and serve during this period of crises. I’m here to help.

You just need to believe in yourself. And then start the process. 

With much respect + vast encouraging,


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