Someone recently asked me why I take everything so personally.

...why I care so much about those who follow me.

...why I work so hard to help people rise.

...why I am so devoted to my craft.

...why I want everything I release to be my best.

My answer was a simple one: because this is personal for me.

I’d take a bullet in defence of the idea that you have primal genius and dormant greatness within you.

I’d run to the end of the Earth to protect the insight that though your past may have been harsh, your future can be brilliant.

I’d wage a fierce battle for the thought that there are no extra people on the planet and inside each beating heart lies awe, wonder and hope that needs never be lost.

We live in a troubled world. Yes, there is much to applaud and progress to be grateful for.

And yet, mediocrity is infecting the majority. And average is infusing the herd.

Take your work personally. Take your good name personally. Take your talent personally. Take your service to others personally. Take your life personally.

I do.



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