Yes—these are uncertain times. Yet it is in trouble that heroes emerge. It is amid hardship that leaders are born. When all is falling apart we are blessed with the chance to remake ourselves.

Use any fear surfacing to heal, grow and strengthen yourself. Hard times activate hidden wounds that can be remedied.

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One of my favorite books is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. And if you're going through a hard time right now, I'd encourage you to read that book and I'd encourage you to read the two chapters. One is on sorrow and one is on pain. And in one of those chapters, he says, "Difficult times come to you to crack the shell that covers your understanding." 

You see, it's only your ego, which is your weak self, your weak side, that is judging this difficult time as "bad." The deeper, higher wiser part of you that is being cracked open by this seeming tragedy or painful time knows this is a great time. This is the best worst time you've ever had. And so what I'm suggesting to you is difficult times do come. There's a natural order to life. 
There's natural seasons. 

I think a lot of life there's this symphony and orchestrated brilliance to life. Because as you go through this difficult time right now, I promise you, there will be a time, it could be a week from now, it could be two years from now, where you look back at this and say, wow, that really was the best worst time I've ever had. And I see why it happened to me because I needed to learn this lesson. And it made me who I now am. I couldn't have written the books that I've written. I couldn't be here with you now, speaking from a place of truth and sharing and service to you if I hadn't gone through my difficult times, because those times have sculpted me and made me who I now am. Am I perfect? Far from it. Am I happy with who I am right now, with all my flaws and scars? Absolutely. So I'd say to you, wear are your scars proudly and turn your wounds into wisdom, and use your stumbling blocks and make them into stepping stones because that is the game the legends play.

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