Extreme success requires deliberate recovery. Refueling and resting isn’t a waste of time. It’s part of winning. Balance is a necessity of legendary.

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I recently heard a piece of cutting-edge science, which is when you sleep, it's recently been discovered that a fluid moves through your brain that metaphorically washes your brain. I mean, it's amazing the level of research and science that's coming out right now. The point really is it's so important to have deep rest for your energy, for brain optimization and cognition, which is how you think. It's so important to rest because we know muscles grow in the rest and recovery. And a lot of us are very sleep deprived. So make sure you think about your sleep, make sure you turn off all your digital devices after eight o'clock so melatonin is at its best and it's in its proper form so you sleep deeply. Sleep in a cool room. If you can, take a nice hot bath before you sleep with Epsom salts. I've been sharing this for years. And then take a cold shower so then you're actually going to get more melatonin. Again, no technology in your room is very, very important. And yeah, get your sleep into world-class condition.

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