Working on a better Mindset while neglecting your Heartset [as introduced in The 5AM Club] sets up a situation of self-sabotage where your intellect knows what you should do yet your emotional world keeps you limited.

Listen to today's episode to learn why Robin Sharma has been evangelizing the message for 25 years that emotional healing is absolutely essential to expert performance and reclaiming your inner genius.

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Every feeling is old. So if someone has betrayed you, for example, the feelings that you're feeling that you might be projecting and blaming onto that person, well, you wouldn't be feeling those feelings unless they were preexisting conditions.I guess what I'm suggesting to you is, if it's hysterical, it's historical. If it's hysterical, it's historical. 

The larger the feeling, the more you know it probably came from something that happened to you in your childhood. Do you see the gold here? You get to say, "Well, it's not about that person," or, "It's not about the current event that I'm thinking it's about. This is about my childhood. This is about this hurt well deep within me. And thanks to that person, thanks to this so-called tragedy or difficult condition, I get to see what's really going on and blocking me from that primal genius within me, and I get to do the deep inner work that every brave soul does to release the shadow side and move into the sunlight." 

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