Don't wait until you're successful to work on your optimism. Work on your optimism and you'll become a lot more successful. 

Optimism isn’t cheesy or soft or boring. Nope. It’s a mission-critical tool for anyone devoted to getting to their best. Every day brings challenges to those who dare/risk/push the envelope. Being the most optimistic person in the room will help you transcend them to your next level of greatness.

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You know you're in the room or in the marketplace with a genius entrepreneur through their palpable and radiant optimism. If this was so obvious, why don't we see more radiant optimists in work? A lot of people are just getting through the day. A lot of people are just coasting through life. A lot of people are in such a transport of distraction and apathy that they have disconnected from their positivity. Genius entrepreneurs, I mean, let's go to Steve Jobs. If you read Walter Isaacson's biography on Steve Jobs, you will learn about Bud Tribble. Bud Tribble was at Apple and he came up with a term called Steve Jobs' Reality Distortion Field. And simply said, it was, if you were in a meeting with Steve Jobs and he had a vision, let's say it was the iPod or the iPhone or the confluence of music and et cetera, et cetera, his passion and his belief was so real to him that you are almost seduced and hypnotized into a field where your own version of reality was distorted. So you actually believed him. Now, if you want to be a genius entrepreneur, if you want to be a genius producer no matter what it is that you do, you have to get to ideas and you have to so believe in your vision for the future  or the new product or the new project that everyone around you is hypnotized by your radiant optimism. And again, that starts by believing in yourself and trusting in yourself and not really buying into the majority and getting really good in your own skin.

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