Ok. It’s the New Year. We made it. You have a fresh 12 months ahead of you. What will you do with them? To make them marvellous?

...will you resist any attempt to change and therefore guarantee this year will be a repeat of last year?

...will you flee from the opportunity to own much more of your genius and express much more of your greatness because your excuses are more dominant than your faith in your power?

...will you give up on your resolutions and your bravest aspirations to upgrade your game because you’re scared of how successful you actually can become?

I’ve seen far too many good people miss the glorious opportunity of using January as a catalyst to make great gains and encode new habits because they just don’t start.

They put off doing what they know they could be doing until there’s a better time to make the changes.

Yet, you and I both know that there will never be a better time than now to step into operating as the human being you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

I’d also suggest that as our world gets noisier and more uncertain, the #1 way to guarantee your success and happiness is to strengthen yourself. Use this month and this new year as a platform to reveal the full extent of your wisdom, courage, resilience, adaptiveness and skill. Please do not waste the blank canvass in front of you!

You CAN transform. People from every walk of life from every nation on the planet do it every single day. And if they can grow, you can grow. If they can defeat their limitations, excuses and rationalizations, so can you.

All it takes is that first step. That first move that feels really hard at first because it’s so unfamiliar, uncomfortable and scary...

...and then that second step...and third...

The very story of human greatness is one of so-called ordinary people who—in a one moment of inspiration and self-belief—made a right angle turn into what had previously seemed impossible. And went down a road that shifted their lives forever.

You CAN make 2021 the finest year of your life. This I know to be true. But it won’t happen by magic. It will not happen without some work. And it cannot happen without you taking that first move.

I really really really wish to help you make this new year beautiful and super productive and wildly prosperous and uber-creative.

If you’re not really interested in upgrading your game and de-limiting your life then PLEASE don’t keep reading because what I’m about to share will not be right for you.

Yet, if you’d like to discover a proven, complete and transformational system to help you break through bad habits and install the #1 habit of success and productivity in 2021 then read on...

...I recently locked myself away for two weeks in a studio. I work best in solitary confinement.

...I flew in a top-flight video crew who quarantined for 14 days before the shoot (God bless them).

...for day after day after day I pushed myself to share my best and newest information on the morning routines of superstars, the mechanisms for installing world-class habits and the tools for revolutionizing the way you think, produce and live. So you remake yourself into a master, early this new year.

...we recorded many hours of extremely powerful training backed up with teaching frameworks that will truly help any human being radically transform.

...my team then took all of the video footage and painstakingly made it into a straightforward yet stunning new online program called The 5AM Club Method that is definitely one of the finest digital courses in the world. If you loved the book, you’ll adore the course (if you haven’t read the book the course will still be a game-changer).

...the system is priceless (for those who are willing to watch it and then do some work). Seriously rich and excellent content. Worth many thousands of dollars. At the very least.

...yet, to intensely reward those who take action, ensure as many people as possible are helped and to help you make 2021 legendary, I’ve decided to offer the entire program for ONLY $37 [for a very limited time].

I know this is pretty shocking given the astonishing value of the course...

...That’s about the cost of a few good cups of coffee. For training that will change the way your entire life looks.

Oh, and I’ve even built in a 100% no-questions-asked refund if you're not blown away by The 5AM Club Method so you have ZERO risk to test this out and EVERYTHING to gain...

I just wanted to do something super special for you. So you win in 2021!

So definitely snap up one of the remaining memberships here before my team closes registration and you totally miss out on this chance of a lifetime.

Hope this helps! Please make 2021 the year you own your genius, beat your fears and live life the way you’ve always dreamed of doing it.

Get your membership here before you can’t.

With love + respect,


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