One insight read in a single book could take your work and personal life to a whole new level. To earn more/have more/love more/be more, it’s mission-critical to read. Daily. Passionately.

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So let's say you're a business builder, let's say you have a startup. It could take you 20 years to figure it all out, or it could take you five hours of going through a book by someone who has done it to go, "Oh, here's the strategy, here are the tactics, here's how you birth a great product out into the world, here's how you hire an A-team, here's how you really do it. Here's how you manage when you fall down, here's how you manage when you get dismissed by the cynics." You can get all of that in one book.

So you can collapse literally what would normally take you 10 years to build an A-level company, or a great life, or a great family, or it might take you years to really dial in how to get fit like the professional athletes do because you're trying to figure it on your own - the nutrition and the rest cycles. But if you read the right books, you literally can collapse what has taken most people years to do into a very short period of time.

And related to that, when you are reading a 50 page book, or a 100 page book, or a 200 page book by an icon of business, or science, or creativity, or humanity, or fitness, they are summarizing the best information they've learned over a lifetime of their rise to world-class in their book. You really do collapse the timeline and you really do save tremendous amounts of effort that you would have otherwise had to expend.

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