Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s a great way to destroy confidence and diminish performance. 

The real game to play is to get better than yesterday’s self. Why dilute your energy comparing yourself to others when the real work is materializing the genius within you. 

There’s only one you on the planet today. You’ve been built to dazzle. And designed to inspire.

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Stop comparing. This may seem obvious, but I'm going to invite you to really think about how many times even in a single day you compare your success to competition. You compare your life to what it looks like your neighbors have. You compare where you are on the journey of your life, to what society says other people are living and what the majority defines success as. I'm encouraging you, when you stay in your lane, there is no competition.

One of the great recipes for a life lived unhappily is to spend your best hours of your best days comparing yourself. Oh, this person has a nicer car. Oh, this person has a nicer family. Oh, this person has a beautiful home. They must have it all together. Well, here's the reality: almost every single one of us alive today, we're struggling. We're struggling with something, or we're struggling with a job issue, a financial issue, a health issue, a relationship issue, a spiritual issue. All these people that you see on the street that are wearing happy faces designed to suggest they have massive confidence. They're just like all of us. We're all just trying to figure it out. We all have something we want to work on in our lives. There's always some weakness we can pivot on and make better. That's the human journey. So my encouragement to you here today on this podcast. where I share from my heart as much passion and love and wisdom and leadership insight as I can bring on for you: stop comparing your life. Because, you know what, everyone has something that they're working on. The people you think - I mean, I have worked with billionaires, and I get an inside private glimpse of how they live every single day, of their psychology, of their emotionality, of the struggles that they have within their family. Many of them are self-medicating themselves.

You think they have a beautiful life. They're struggling with just getting through the day, and it is such an illusion that so many of the people that we think have everything, many of them have nothing. Please stop comparing your income, your car, your social status, your house, your family life, whatever it is. Your business with other businesses in your field, with others. Stay in your own lane. Run your own race.

Develop and have the wisdom, bravery, and confidence to say, "Here is what success stands for, for me. It might not be society's measure of success. It might not even be my neighbor's measure of success. It might not be my mom or my dad or even my loved one's measure of success, but this is what instinct feels right to me and this is how I define success in my life according to my values and in the world.” And then just don't compare to anyone else. Live that.

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