Well it’s a fascinating time of the year...

...You’ve been richly blessed with the opportunity to deconstruct the past 12 months so you maximize the learning as well as celebrate your hard earned victories—so you multiply your momentum.

Here’s a key insight I offer with love and respect: the way you end 2018 sets up how brilliantly you start 2019.

[It’s hard to beat an athlete who develops an audacious advantage at the beginning, right?]

I’m absolutely committed to helping you make the upcoming year your finest one yet. You know that to be true.

As a matter of fact, my hope-fuelled game plan for 2019 is to push my craft as well as my creative reserves to deliver even more excellent value to you so you win, in your own original way.

And so to help you lift your talents, advance your ambitions and materialize your finest life, I enthusiastically invite you to experience the following resources:

#1. A Raw and Passionate Instagram Live “ReFuelling Session”

I should be in vacation mode right now after The Titan Summit 2018, yet I deeply adore what I do and get so much energy from helping people express their primal genius, that it’s hard to tone it down...

...And so I hopped onto Instagram Live the other day and did an insight-rich session that gave people a ton of energy and some key ideas to make 2019 LEGENDARY.

Do not miss the session here.

#2. The Greatness Guide Audiobook [Yes—I read it personally]

Many of my readers from across the planet have found The Greatness Guideto be ever so helpful as they x25 their business and personal success.

I’d like to give you the complete audiobook at zero cost to you because I want you to end 2018 brave, fit, happy and peaceful...

...Get the full [free] audiobook here.

#3: A Remarkable 66 Day Video Training Program to Install The 5 AM Club in 2019

UPDATE: thanks to my amazing readers, the new book [The 5 AM Club] is already charting on bestseller lists around the world. I’m being informed that it’s going to be the #1 selling book on the planet from early reports.

If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and do so today because the single best way to make 2019 your absolute best year yet is to learn how the most productive and peaceful people in the world start their days. And then code in their morning routine.

This book is your doorway into a whole new realm of productivity, performance, prosperity and inner peace. For everyone from across the planet telling me the book is sold out in your local stores and online, you can still put in your order and it will get filled as soon as the next shipment arrives.

Oh, to show you my love—and dedication to the fullest expression of your natural genius—I’ve also included a 66 day video-based training program to help you lock in The 5 AM Club habit that you get full access to for FREE when you invest in your copy of the book.

NOTE: Please don’t DM me on Social about the no cost training system—details on the training program are clear at the end of the book...

...And most importantly to me...

...I’m ever so excited to share that a percentage of your investment when you purchase a copy of this life-changing book goes straight into my children’s foundation...

...My life’s mission is moving into the direction of fierily fighting the global battle against leprosy [my father got me into this] and with your help we can get this done. It’s a hard, hard disease that devastates lives. Just look up some of the pictures of our brothers and sisters on the planet with this violent affliction. Let’s help kids with leprosy live MUCH better lives.

You can order your copy of The 5 AM Club here.

#4. My World-Class Willpower Webinar

If you’re ready to amplify your self-discipline in the new year you really should watch this fascinating webinar that I delivered here.


...You’re ending 2018 and nearing 2019. It’s a fine time to let go of the old you and embrace your greatest you.

I’ve got your back. You need to do your part. It’s your life. And the discomfort of change is always x100 less than the heartbreak of regret, right?

Lots of love. Now, go be the Hero we both know your destiny calls upon you to be.


P.S. I’ve created [with my team] an app to support you making the early rising habit a lifetime routine. It’s called The 5 AM Club app and you can get it for free here.

Peace. Bye.

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