In many ways, getting great at being a great human being involves being fully present. Two reasons why living in the moment is so much more than some cheesy motivational cliché:

1. Living in the moment means the fullness of your creative power is available to you right now (versus stuck on a bunch of old, unresolved issues). So key to getting to brilliance at every touchpoint of your life. You need to be able to access all your gifts. And those you work/live with deserve that from you too.

2. What you are doing in the present shows what you are creating for your future (powerful idea there I gently suggest). So if you are stuck and giving your power to what once was rather than to what currently is, you’re just going to re-create an old story. What’s the wisdom in that?

So do what you need to do to release the past and bring all you truly are as a leader and human being to this moment. It’ll wake you up to all you are. And wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing?

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