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Geniuses don't get their ideas for Uber, Amazon, the electric bulb, Tesla, Shakespeare, the polio vaccination, SpaceX. Great ideas don't come from the intellects. They don't come from the neocortex reasoning and thinking. All great heroes and great inventors and great creators dialed into something deeper.

When you get out of your neocortex through solitude and my life structure that I teach called The Tight Bubble of Total Focus. And when you get away from distraction and you immerse yourself in deep creativity and creation, and you find your laboratory. Or what I call your Menlo Park, like Edison had his Menlo Park, which was the wilderness away from the world.

What happens? The prefrontal cortex gets silent and it's called transient. Transient, which means temporary. Transient hypo, small, frontality. The neocortex, the seat in your brain of thinking, actually shuts down for a short period of time. This is profound information and will confirm your brain is built for genius. But if you don't do the right things, you're not going to be able to allow the genius to see the light of day. I've spent a lot of time understanding, researching this, building out calibrated models on transient hypofrontality so you
can understand the genius lies in your brain right now. When your brain goes into transient hypofrontality, the prefrontal cortex shuts down. And you actually, your brain finally becomes quiet. If you're like most people, your brain is going all day long.

You're never going to get to genius because you're caught up in thinking, not your instinct. Your brain waves, when your prefrontal cortex shut down, temporarily, go from beta, which is every day, down to alpha. And perhaps even down to theta.

You drop into a state. The first time I ever read it was about 20 years ago. One of my favorite books, Flow, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, University of Chicago. The subtitle of the book is The Psychology of Optimal Experience. He found the best hockey players, Gretzky. Remember what Gretzky said? "I go to where the puck is." Going not to where the puck is. The great athletes, the great inventors, the great writers.

When you do a yoga class and your thinking stops, it's because you have dropped into a state that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called flow. When the Navy Seals do amazing things on their military missions, we are now finding through research, they are in a state of flow. They're not in their thinking. They're in the deeper state of genius that lies within every one of us.

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