You’ll never rise any higher than your self-identity. And you’ll never move above your personal story. Think you’re meant to be average and your performance will match that belief. Always.

But the truth is that you are the cause and creator of your current life. And the day you decide to master YOURSELF, you begin to master your world. 

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Greatness of a nation depends on the greatness of its people. It's a seduction of our society to believe that the doorway to success swings outward. Everything begins within, because you can never serve the world or impact everyone around you any higher than the quality of your self-identity.

Who you are in the world is all set up by what you become on the inside. It's so very important to do the daily interior work, to release all doubt, fear, disbelief, and
insecurity. As you do so, with absolute devotion and faith in your highest gifts and talents, you walk into the world as a blazing force of light, and you give permission to everyone around you to do the same. Lots of love. 

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