Loved it! Worth every second! I highly recommend it! Thank you.
Patti Arakelian, USA
I have been working on my values and goals for some time and this program has helped me to focus and clarify them.
Keith Jefferies, UK
I would like to say that I have immense gratitude to Robin for this course. He has offered an affordable course that can and will continue to offer us HUGE value. So thank you.
Pantelis Fouli, Cyprus

Based on Robin Sharma’s #1 worldwide phenomenon The Greatness Guide — a now-classic book on personal mastery and peak human performance — this revolutionary new digital learning system will walk you through how the most successful human beings in the world do what they do, via a remarkably effective 101 day mentoring process that is unlike anything else available today.

Robin Sharma

Blending profound wisdom for elite achievement with cutting-edge insights and tactics to win in volatile times, The Greatness Guide Method distills Robin Sharma’s 26 years of knowledge as an advisor to industry titans, famed sports superstars and movement-makers into a structured 6 phase program that will swiftly and sustainably ensure that you:

  • learn how to use hard times as a laboratory to accelerate personal mastery
  • release past defeats to live your promise and realize your genius
  • activate Robin Sharma’s ultimate peak performance system to release your greatest productivity
  • wire in a series of lasting remarkable habits that unlock peak results
  • learn how financial masters preserve and amplify their prosperity in times of uncertainty
  • live in a way that honors your primal greatness, materializes your unfulfilled dreams and creates the beautiful life that you deserve

The Greatness Guide Method is by far the most valuable and tactical digital course I've ever offered.

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