9 Rules for a Monumental Life

I unlock massive value for you in this potent new Mastery Session.

I get superdeep into some insights I usually don't share publicly as they are part of my personal philosophy.

In this new episode you'll discover:

--the need to "walk the earth gently".

--why originality is the DNA of legendary.

--how to be true to your gifts, even when it hurts.

--tactics to optimize your craft + raise your game.

--the importance of the "Leader Lead Thyself" [that I first wrote about 20 years ago in Leadership Wisdom from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari] concept when it comes to influencing people around you, dominating your field and becoming a true hero of humanity.

My intent is to serve. To deliver an ongoing stream of world-class training to help you achieve epic results and experience a rare-air life...

Hope this episode helps. I've got your back. Now, let's fly.

Love + respect,


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