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All of the billionaires, NBA stars, music legends and ultra-performers I personally advise and who show up at my events are “freaks”.

They just see the world through a very different set of lenses than most people. They have a very different sequence of values. And they have a uniquely different series of personal protocols.

And so, like anyone who operates at the highest level of ingenuity, productivity and audacity, they have had to develop a strong interior core that allows them to keep on rising to wow in the face of society calling them strange…

…A-players also understand that their 5 most valuable [and scarce] resources are as follows:
  • #1: Their Mental Focus.
    Without extreme concentration on your craft and “vital few” priorities, you’ll spread your brain’s bandwidth over many things.
  • #2: Their Physical Energy.
    Without world-class energy, you’ll never produce world-class results.
  • #3: Their Personal Willpower.
    All epic performers not only build it each day [because science has taught us willpower is like a muscle: flex it and it grows] but they have discovered how to protect it.
  • #4: Their Creative Productivity.
    Exploit the creativity that presents itself into high-value productivity. Because ideas that are not made into results don’t generate success.
  • #5: Their Time.
    Simple yet perhaps a profound principle: the hours average performers misuse, the excellent producer leverages.
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