The 11 Things Life’s All About

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the thick of thin things.

So seductive to spend your finest hours climbing mountains that, at the end, turn out to be the wrong ones.

I want you to experience an uncommon life.

One where you feel fully alive, release your chains, display your gifts and help the world.

So kindly remember…

The true leader–the genuine world-builder–lives to the point. Acutely concentrated on the few high priorities that will deliver the life of their greatest aspirations. At the end.

Please find below what I believe to be [as best as I can tell] the 11 most essential pursuits of a legendary life:

#1. Self-honor. This means being true to yourself. Celebrating your virtues. Accepting your flaws. Respecting your values. Doing your dreams. Even if all around you don’t get you.

#2. Personal heroism. The brighter the fire in your belly to achieve something special, the more hurts you’ll have. The more you play out on the jagged edges of your greatest potential, the more fears you’ll face. And the more falls you’ll take. Continuing with what you’ve committed to breeds deep fulfillment. And authentic power.

#3. Genuine connection. We are built to love. Have the bravery to open the heart you have contracted from life’s disappointments. This is how the heroes roll.

#4. Creative expression. I’m a super creative person. Ideas flow relentlessly [often captured on air sickness bags on airplanes]. Ridiculously curious. Adore learning. Home is packed [stacked] with books. My guess is you’re the same. And really dialling in your devotion to express your creativity will fuel your joy. And raise your impact.

#5. Delivery on opportunity. The job of the leader is to get things done. The obsession of the Titan is implementation, not just conversation. Amazing what happens to your self-identity and confidence when you transcend procrastination and do what you need to do. No matter how hard.

#6. Modelling possibility. Yes–I know I say this a lot [because I seriously want this to be a foundational thought for you]: the world needs more heroes–why wait for them when you can become one of them? Each day you are blessed with the chance to show people what positivity/productivity/audacity and dignity look like. Doing so with undefeatable consistency is where the giants among us play.

#7. Experiencing beauty. Exceptional achievement without ongoing enjoyment is an empty win. Yes–own your craft, produce your mastery and exploit your potential. But please: travel widely. Read deep books. Laugh loudly with loved ones. Savor inspirational art. Eat awesome food. And spend time in Nature.

#8. Pushing adventure. The human brain [and spirit] craves novelty. We grow and expand our capacities by doing difficult things. What you most resist is holding your bravery. Take it back.

#9. Scaling humility. So the thing about success is when it shows up, it’s easy to lose the hunger/sincerity/empathy/industry and relatability that got you there. That’s why so many empires fall. And so many icons fail. The one thing you absolutely need to protect as you rise into rare-air is your “boots on the groundedness”. Because a major key to legendary is longevity. And the moment your ego rules your performance is the day you step onto the pathway of irrelevance.

#10. Serving humanity. Most of my adult life I’ve been spreading this core message [long before it became cool]: impact is more valuable than income. And what matters most isn’t only how you live. It’s who you help. Personally–I’ve never been so invested in doing my part to serve as many people as possible. It’s a primary calling for any real A-Player. And I respectfully ask you to do the same.

#11. Intimacy with mortality. Live with death in mind. Not in a sad and depleting way. But with the mindset [and heartset] that you, and I, never know when our last day will show up.

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said it so inspirationally: “In the life of a man, his time is but a moment, his being an incessant flux, his sense a dim rushlight, his body a prey of worms, his soul an unquiet eddy, his fortune dark and his fame doubtful.”

So stop overthinking every move. Stop worrying about things that probably will never happen. Stop playing small with your brilliance. Stop being so terrified of reflection. And start living the way the best part of you knows you need to be living.

So at the end, you’ll have been fully human. And genuinely amazing.

If this piece I’ve written for you with an open heart and, hopefully, the utmost of authenticity speaks to you…

…and if you feel you’re finally ready to express your gifts, declare victory over your fears, feel extraordinarily happy/strong/peaceful and rise to a way of being that’s world-class…

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Love + respect,

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How to Fireproof Your Productivity

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

Some serious information on exponential productivity + getting giant ambitions done in this post.

I strongly encourage you to get away from the noise of life and really digest it deeply over the next 5 minutes. [Your potential will applaud you for it].

And so…let’s go…

…All of the billionaires, NBA stars, music legends and ultra-performers I personally advise and who show up at my events are “freaks”.

They just see the world through a very different set of lenses than most people.

They have a very different sequence of values.

And they have a uniquely different series of personal protocols.

And so, like anyone who operates at the highest level of ingenuity, productivity and audacity, they have had to develop a strong interior core that allows them to keep on rising to wow in the face of society calling them strange…

…A-players also understand that their 5 most valuable [and scarce] resources are as follows:

#1: Their Mental Focus. Without extreme concentration on your craft and “vital few” priorities, you’ll spread your brain’s bandwidth over many things. And, ultimately, end up genius at nothing. By dialling in your focus, you’ll leverage the neuroscientific rule that says “neurons that fire together wire together”. [Write that one down. Please.]

Next, your massive focus activates a certain type of brain cell called an oligodendrocyte which then triggers the production of myelin, a fatty tissue that wraps around the neural pathway related to the skill you’re practicing.

Myelin is “The Material of Genius” in many ways as it accelerates your learning speed and heightens your perception. This is how Wayne Gretzky was able to skate to where the puck was going. And how tennis star Serena Williams has done what she has.

Cool, right?

Implementation tactic: Zero Device Days [ZDD]. These are days where you put your phone in a plastic baggie and leave your devices in another room. Carve out a space with no distractions called your Dream Room. Go there. Set an old-school timer for 2-3 hours. And don’t get up until you’ve done real work versus the fake stuff ordinary performers pass off as good.

#2: Their Physical Energy. I was moving swiftly through an airport recently when a woman named Sheila stopped me. “The best thing I ever learned from you Robin Sharma, was your line ‘Energy is more valuable than intelligence.'” She hugged me then kept on going.

It’s true. You can be the smartest person in the room, have a market-making product, carry remarkable talent within you and have a future filled with pure opportunity. But without world-class energy, you’ll never produce world-class results.

You just won’t.

Implementation tactic: Recalibrate your diet. What you eat affects your moods, determines your longevity and drives your energy. No more processed food. Much more vegetables and fruits. Get serious about hydration + supplementation.

If you’re serious about becoming a world-builder, start eating like one.

Oh–and remember: eat less food and you’ll get more done.

#3: Their Personal Willpower. I’ve been doing a lot of quiet reflection on this point. In so many ways, the fundamental trait of outright greatness is self-discipline [the ability to translate your lofty intentions into measurable results].

And all epic performers not only build it each day [because science has taught us willpower is like a muscle: flex it and it grows] but they have discovered how to protect it.

Implementation tactic: Set up “Strengthening Scenarios”. These are situations that you engage in that make you feel uncomfortable for the purpose of making your willpower stronger. Navy Seals put themselves in hard circumstances designed to make them unbreakable. Boxers do the early morning roadwork so they are resilient in the ring.

And all superb producers go to where their discomfort lives. For there your highest power lies.

#4: Their Creative Productivity. Everyone is an artist. Each of us has exceptional levels of creativity within us, longing to see the light of day. But for our finest ideas to show up, we need to set up the conditions for them to come out to play.

Genius-level insights [the kind that cause you to own your field + make history] don’t appear amid stress, distractions, overscheduled days and toxic work spaces.

Make time to get away from your office. Spend more time in nature. Practice daily solitude. Read magazines you ordinarily wouldn’t read. Travel often. Go to art galleries. Prime your creativity. And watch what unfolds.

Then–exploit the creativity that presents itself into high-value productivity. Key move. Because ideas that are not made into results don’t generate success.

Implementation tactic: Write in a journal for 30 minutes every morning, while the rest of the world is asleep. I’ve been teaching this ritual for years and it’s still one of the best methods I know of to harness powerful thinking, download potent visions and capture the creativity that will make you legendary.

#5: Their Time. Oh–this is such a key one. Billionaires and icons are fanatical when it comes to respecting the 24 hours of their day. The best performers would never stand for an hour waiting in line to get into a hip new restaurant. They would never waste an 8-hour flight playing games on their tablet or sleeping under a blanket. The great ones couldn’t imagine being in a beautiful hotel room in a cool city and using those hours to watch the news.

Simple yet perhaps a profound principle: the hours average performers misuse, the excellent producer leverages.

See: how can you lead your field + achieve amazing results + live a remarkable life if you’re not using your days well?

Implementation tactic: The Daily 5 Rule. Five “micro wins” done every day with pristine consistency delivers 150 victories after only one month. Run this protocol daily and after just a year, you’ve achieved 1850 little wins. And as you’ve heard me say so many times: small daily improvements when done consistently over time lead to stunning results.

Because a breathtakingly great life is made not by revolution, but via evolution.

Ok. Hope this content-rich post helps you drive some exponential gains in your exceptionality, productivity and impact.

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Hope this helps. Be great. Bye.

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The World-Changer’s Conduct Code

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I’m deep in my Dream Room as I write this potent piece for you [a space of isolation where I come to produce my true work, free from the attractive distractions that destroy our finest potential].

You’ll find what follows supervaluable if you’re someone amped to get much more premium quality product done in far less time. And set to own your field–while you serve the world.

T.S. Eliot once asked: “Do I dare disturb the universe?”

If you’re a world-changer, I suggest you have to.

…you have to install a vision so large it frightens you to your very core.

…you have to find a mission so close to your heart that you’d take a bullet to protect it.

…you have to build the inner power/resolve/relentlessness so you do whatever it takes to get your ambitions done, even if everyone around you tells you you’re a fool to pursue them.

[I was reflecting earlier this morning on the billionaire who ever so graciously gave me a meeting when I started out as an author + leadership teacher; he strongly suggested that I give up on my dream and return to the safety of my legal career; I appreciate his time but am so grateful I didn’t listen to him].

And so, with vast encouragement for your greatest success and largest impact, I offer you 7 performance behaviors to wire in to automatic if you’re really serious about authentic winning:

#1. Fireproof Your Character. I’ve been spending quiet amounts of time studying the ways of being of Roman military commanders. Yes, they were brave. True, they had fierce loyalty toward their empire. Agreed, they understood how to inspire their followers, so they achieved seemingly impossible things on the field of battle.

Yet–what speaks most acutely to me about these titans of heroism is that they were [in general] people of principles. The best of them performed in a way that was more concerned with an internal compass than exterior approval.

How many people do you know–in this age of selfies, addiction to our devices and oversharing of once private lives–who live in a way that is true to themselves?

So many among us have lost the ability to think for ourselves. To fashion our days on our own terms, aligned with our closest values and ferociously respectful of the virtues we most adore…

…Instead of blindly wearing what the celebrities wear, talking like the famous people talk and chasing a story of success that is impotent, superficial and ultimately, empty.

World-changers play in a whole different arena…

…It’s not about fitting in. It’s about standing out.

…It’s not about popularity. It’s about mastery.

…It’s not about being served. It’s about serving.

My respectful advice for you is to spend even more time than you already do refining your character. Trusting instinct over intellect. Developing wisdom, understanding, dignity, courage + grace.

In a world that has never longed for it so much.

#2. Exploit Your Genius Hours. We all have hours within our days when our productive assets of focus/energy/willpower are at their highest. What separates average performers from World-Changers is those that influence entire markets exploit their most valuable hours to deliver beautiful things instead of wasting them.

Fascinating how common it is to want the rewards of success yet not run the rituals and put in the work demanded to receive those very gifts.

While the excuse-maker is spending precious time watching tv/playing games on their phones/coasting at the office + complaining about the economy, the A-Player is dialling in their focus/rising to their best output/putting in the hours/learning daily + doing whatever it requires to become amazing.

You only have 24 hours each day. Use them well. Because as you live your days, so you craft your life.

#3. Engage in Strengthening Scenarios. I read the other night how Seneca, the philosopher, would advise his students to spend one day a month consuming only water and bread. And sleeping on the floor.

I had dinner in Switzerland with one of the most famous authors on the planet who shared that he took many months away from the world to write a book while living in a spartan motel, with little more than a shoddy bed and an ancient desk in it.

See, hard is more valuable than easy if you’re aiming for legendary.

People who produce exceptional work consistently and lead their games understand that we grow by having the guts to go to the jagged edges of our highest limits on a regular basis. And by so doing, those limits expand.

Consciously put yourself in situations designed to push you to excel. To become stronger. To get better. To learn more. To discover talents + capacities + abilities you never knew you had.

Sure, working and living like this, that’s a formula for a messy, confusing and dangerous life. To me, that’s 1000x a more valuable way to live than spending the best hours of our greatest days watching television in a subdivision.

#4. Invest in Morning Preparation. The reason why excellent warriors engage in extreme training at the beginning of each day is so that when they are at war, they perform at elite levels automatically.

The quality of your practice determines the caliber of your performance.

And all victories are won before you even step onto the field.

Yes, I’ve been evangelizing The 5 AM Club for over 20 years [still writing the book; now in year 3. Yikes!]. But I do it because it’s a truly life-altering routine. At that time of the day, the world is asleep. You have time for yourself. To think, plan, write, meditate, exercise, read and simply be…

…Time to refine your mindset, optimize your Heartset, lift your Healthset + sculpt your Soulset. [I’ve been introducing these new words I’ve created– Heartset/Healthset/Soulset–in my work because, while I believe all the talk about “mindset” is valuable, true success requires training all four Interior Empires].

#5. Upgrade Your SOPs. I recently saw the movie The Founder. All about Ray Kroc, the man who scaled McDonald’s.

Part of his brilliance was to systematize processes. So every burger tastes the same no matter which restaurant you ate it in. So that every fry reflected one of the fundamentals every restaurant tries to get right: consistency.

World-Changers do the same. Precisely.

They have set up what I call “Structures + Systems” to automate the non-essential parts of their lives. And to ensure that even the important parts produce consistently high quality.

My encouragement is to think through what systems you need to install so you’re regularly producing at your absolute best. Then do what all leaders do: Execute on your ideas [because even the smallest of actions is superior to the noblest of intentions].

#6. Pursue Magic. New Standard: Only release work that is at a level of poetry. Watch what starts to happen to you.

Then radiate optimism, kindness, decency and love. And see what unfolds for you.

Next: focus purely on the good in others. And savor the gifts that come back to you.

Life gives you what you give it. Stand for world-class in this age of too much average and you’re pretty much guaranteed an epic journey.

Doesn’t mean it will be easy. [The Great Ones have all suffered the most; the fire purified and developed their heroic instincts].

But I promise you it will be worth it.

#7. Lead from Legacy Versus Scarcity. Been teaching this idea for two decades as well. Even wrote a book on it years ago called Who Will Cry When You Die?

One wisdom tradition states: a wise person thinks about their death every day. A fool, only about a good time.

While the ordinary person is focused on getting through the month, the World-Builder is obsessed with elevating the next generation.

I deeply believe, at the core of my heart, that life lived only for ourselves is a very small life.

To be great is to be helpful. And to become undefeatable–as you follow a Mighty Mission that is larger than your ego.

To walk with the icons, devote yourself to the building of a meaningful legacy.

One that inspires you to bring out the fullness of your natural genius, one that causes you to know powers in you that you didn’t know you had. And one that, at the end of your life, allows you to look back on the way you have conducted yourself and say…

“…I had times in the sun. I had seasons in the rain. I reached for my best. I raised others with me. And now, in a state of vast peace, I leave our world better than I found it.”

You’re meant to make a difference. This is your time. Now is your moment. Begin.

With love + respect…

Your fan always,

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[Declassified] How I Rebuilt My Life

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

I just believe that the more you know of my very simple beginnings, early struggles and general disappointments as well as the remarkable tools I've discovered to leverage all these

I’ve been sharing more and more of my personal backstory on Instagram over the past few months.

I just believe that the more you know of my very simple beginnings, early struggles and general disappointments as well as the remarkable tools I’ve discovered to leverage all these “gifts of growth” into ‎massive wins, the more you’ll become electrified to get your giant dreams done.

And with a fresh year in front of you, this is a phenomenal time to cause some revolutions of improvement within your life…

When I was a young litigation lawyer, I lacked true meaning in my life. Every day just looked–and felt–the same.

Same commute. Same people. Same lunch. Zero fire + passion + mission.

Alive but not awake…‎know what I mean?

…I was a success in society. And an acute failure to myself. [Nothing hurts as much as the pain of potential unexpressed].

I had nice things. But lacked great thoughts.

I was making a good living. Yet missing out on a great life…

…One of the KEY moves I made to completely turn my mindset [and my healthset, heartset and soulset, three new words I’ve introduced to my work over the past months] was investing in personal development.

I mean REALLY discovering how to maximize my thinking, energy, willpower and ‎confidence so I could x25 my creativity, productivity, audacity and impact on the world.


–No one ever taught me that the brain is like a muscle [neuroscientists call the phenomenon neuroplasticity] and that if I did a few simple things each morning, I’d leap from a negative thinker to an optimistic producer.

–No one ever explained to me that the real secret of amazing performers like Mozart, Jobs, Tesla, Oprah and Messi isn’t some “otherworldly gift” but a series of daily practices, when done consistently, generate genius-level outcomes. [The brilliant research of Anders Ericsson of Florida State University speaks so beautifully to this].

–No one ever shared with me the “habit hacks” that easily allow everyday people to wire in peak routines like rising at 5 am, ‎staying strong when we feel scared, doing work that leads the field and being a kind/generous human being [in a world that needs us all to rise up to this].

So I figured out the methods of mastery myself…

…Each night while most of my friends partied or watched TV, I’d read. I’d study the biographies of the best. I’d deconstruct the mentalities of the masters. I’d pour over the science of happy people and heroic leaders [I was a scientist before I became a lawyer, majoring in Biology in University].

Long story short: A few years ago I put the most powerful insights, strategies and tools into an online program designed to do ONE thing…

…To make a new year the single best year the user of this course has ever had in their life.

Since I launched Your Absolute Best Year Yet, many thousands of people just like you have gone through the training with remarkably great results. [The hundreds of testimonials from wildly delighted customers fuel my heart; my life’s obsession is provoking transformation].

…Some members have made the life changes they never seemed to be able to make.

…Others have multiplied their health and shifted from apathy to happy.

…Others have used the course to grow awesome companies, build fortunes and elevate industries.

…Some have leveraged what they’ve learned in this course to significantly make their mark on the world. [Income without impact is an empty victory, yes?].

Anyway, I would truly love to help you make 2017 the greatest year of your life yet, BY FAR.

Please know registration for Your Absolute Best Year Yet will soon close [SORRY but the program is starting].

I’m so sure of how powerful and transformational this online course is I’ve put all of the risk of you‎ testing it out on my shoulders…

…When you invest in your membership now, you’ll get my iron-clad zero questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.

So there is NO RISK for you to try this out [at today’s special sale price]. And ONLY MASSIVE BENEFITS for you to gain as I help you make 2017 the finest year you’ve ever had.

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Ok. See you inside the program so we get started today.

I believe in you. You have what it takes. Step up to your greatness.


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The Beggar + The Billionaire

By Robin Sharma

Global Leadership Expert. #1 Bestselling Author. Humanitarian.

There was once a billionaire who had all the money in the world but not much else.

Sure he possessed regal mansions, royal yachts and jewels of every sort.

But each morning, when he awoke, his heart longed for a wealth that felt more true.

As a child, he sensed he had gifts within him that could produce artistry, talents inside him that would reveal mastery and potential that just might astound humanity.

As a young man, he knew the secret to a special life was less about things–and more about experiences. Less about getting and more about growing. Less about taking and more about giving.

Along with…

…discovering beauty in unexpected places, doing work that enriched his spirit, being kind to strangers on everyday streets and passing through each day with simple grace. And quiet strength.

But as he grew older, and as he accumulated his vast fortune, those ideals became less important.

He stopped thinking about his special life. And started living fully in society.

One day, the billionaire met a beggar on a road.

The beggar’s clothing was tattered. The old man’s hair was in knots. A tin can sat before him. With only a few coins in it.

Yet, for all his seeming poverty, the beggar had an exquisite richness about him. The kind cash can never buy.

“You’ve lost your way, haven’t you,” spoke the beggar. “I sense you have everything yet you feel very little. You own so much in the world but remember so little of your true–and best–self.”

“Yes,” admitted the billionaire. “Yes, you’re right.”

“Who are you when no one is watching you?” Questioned the beggar.

“What are the deepest longings of your heart and the most daring dreams of your soul?”

“Are you intimate with your greatness? And in relationship with your highness?”

“This is the wealth that the wise amongst us know of.”

The billionaire stared at the beggar.

“How do you know me so well?” he wondered aloud.

“I know you because I was once you. And my misfortune can serve as your lesson.”

“It’s never too late to remember who you truly are, you know,” offered the beggar as he scratched his ancient beard.

“And this new day offers you a second chance at beginning your finest life. It’s never too late to be who you wish to be. And lead the life I trust your heart aches to live.”

The billionaire closed his eyes for a moment.

The billionaire felt tears in his eyes. Over the years he’d betrayed himself. And the regrets that had consumed him. He vowed to change.

Not just for he and those he loved most. But for the world. That demanded more of his genuine nature. And brightest light.

The billionaire promised himself–that from then on–he’d only release work that was poetic. That he’d develop the people at his businesses. That he’d serve more humans in the marketplace and within communities. That he’d take more risks and count more blessings.

And that he’d model possibility while dedicating himself to philanthropy. For the benefit of humanity.

He also told himself he’d be more vulnerable, fill the holes within him he’d been trying to mask with materialism, become a better man and show up as a dramatically kinder person.

As he opened his eyes, he saw that the beggar was gone.

And where he had sat was a torn piece of paper that simply read:

“Every life matters. Every one of us can be great. Each day is a gift. Today’s a perfect time to start. I believe in you. You have what this journey takes. And I love you.”

2017 is a precious platform you’ve been blessed with.

–To unchain your potential.

–To elevate the caliber of your work.

–To serve your customers vividly.

–To multiply your health beautifully.

–To get lofty ambitions done.

–To install the skills of the titans.

–To forgive those yet unforgiven.

–To exemplify strength, honor and decency.

–To start living with true beauty.

This–above all else–is my vast wish for you…

…I’m here to help you. To inspire you. To serve as an instructor for your genius and a champion of your bigness.

We CAN do this together. Just because last year may not have been amazing doesn’t mean that this year can’t be iconic.

But PLEASE do something to get the process started. Make a decision, read a book, take a leap, start a course.

It doesn’t have to be one of mine. Just do something now. And then again tomorrow. And the day after. And when it’s easy. And definitely when it’s hard.

If you’d like me to help you make 2017 the single best year of your life yet, I’d LOVE to work with you.

For 20+ years I’ve been showing people exactly what to do to transform personally and fly professionally so they get serious and gorgeous RESULTS…

Just read what’s below and if you’re ready to make this New Year epic, don’t make any excuses and just do it


I am totally dedicated to helping you make the changes and see the results in 2017 that you’ve never seemed to be able to get in your life.

There are just too many people who could be doing epic things with their lives but aren’t, because no one has ever taught them the insights, habits, practices and ways of being of the best.

I’ll be direct [with respect] because I care about you, your potential to win and the responsibility we all have to show our gifts to the world…

…if you don’t make some changes now, nothing will change for you this new year.

Every great performer has one thing in common: they have a coach. [Because you just can’t raise your game + your impact significantly alone].

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As usual, we only have a limited number of memberships and doors will close soon.

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Wishing you and your loved ones a gargantuan New Year.


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Memberships are very limited so if you wait, you might be too late.

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Hope all this helps you fly in 2017!

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