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  1. raj says:

    Excellent sir

  2. SURESH says:


  3. DR DHEERESH says:


  4. Mona says:

    Excellent words, sir…. i need more podcasts.. pls….

  5. HAPPY says:

    Wisdom podcast :)..
    Thank you Robin..

  6. Neshok Sehar says:

    hey Robin,

    Amazing the way you put down thing.Great work .

  7. Suresh says:

    your webinar on How to beat procrastination was awesome. Now I look forward to your webinar and podcast on Improving concentration

  8. Sajith Kumar says:

    Every time, I listen to these podcasts its vitalizing my concentration and personality. Great tool to rejuvenate oneself. Thank you Robin

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  10. Anandsagar says:

    After reading your books & watching video I feel great sir… :-)

    Happy night

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  12. parag shah says:

    thank you :-) :-) :-)

  13. Yogita says:

    thank you sir…everyday i wake up i’m completely filled with a lot of energy…it just have a new energy level everyday…it feels amazing…

  14. Sumant says:

    Thank you Robin! It really helps! :)

  15. sandeep says:

    its fantastic!!!!
    listening to ur podcasts and videos i have become so much stable and focused. it really proved to be efficacious for me.

  16. Daryl Lights says:

    Because you give me so much, as I attain levels of growth unbelievable, I will give back to the world and you!

    Thank you. This is priceless!

  17. homa says:

    You are simply the best.

  18. Edward says:

    Timeless wisdom.

    Thank you Robin! You rock my world!

  19. arun says:

    superb!!brilliant!!excellent!!!mesmerizing!! how much these poadcast lovely are!!!1

  20. Samarth says:

    Well Robin I am a student of class XI and I read your books and listen to your podcasts and videos whenever I feel I am not in alignment with my goals or I feel that I am not performing upto my absolute best …
    Your a Genuis(if the spellings are correct)

  21. RAGHAV says:


  22. All of these are very interesting and very helpful for us.

  23. Abhishek Patel says:

    I installed
    App from Google play but not genting ur update of postcast
    Only comments of other are available
    Plz help

  24. Nadim Sisodia says:

    Robin u hv been a grt source of inspiration for me .I love ur podcast n both greatness guide books .im sure u will keepon illuminating life of peoples through ur work .my good wish is always with you .thanks a lot

  25. Louie D says:

    Periodically I come back to your Well of Wisdom to refresh my cup…something that struck me while contemplating your words around “world class” is I need to define my own world class and align my priorities and goals accordingly. Having your own personal world class noun allows you to manage and measure your progress to truly what’s important…self reflection. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  26. Divyanshu Chauhan says:

    god…really ??? are you GOD ???……OH YES….YOU ARE A GOD FOR ME….u hv those necessary elements to change anyone like me from fool to master….LOVE YOU !!! SALUTEEEEEEE

  27. Kasun says:

    Mr. Robin Sharma,

    It is pleasure to write a comment regarding your marvelous and superb service for the betterment of the human beings in the world. It is such a great work that I need to admire. I am a teacher of English and teaching English in Sri Lanka. Everyday I learn the key secrets of super success through your lectures. My students are also benefited in an indirect way. Thus, finally I should mention one thing that I visit you one day. I promise I do it sir. Thanks You Very Much. I really love you. You are a resource to this world. Good Luck….Wish You All the Best……..

    Kasun Balasooriya from Sri Lanka

  28. Biddia Anita says:

    The messages in the podcast are inspirational. Thank you.

  29. Vijendra Dharma Padwal says:

    Respected Sir,

    You truly helped me a lot in transforming my mindset. I can see the results, feedback from my colleagues.

    Very much Thankful to you forever.

    Wishing you a Super Healthy-Wealthy and very prosperous Family Life ahead.

    Take Care!

    Your sincere Fan :)
    Vijendra Dharma Padwal

  30. Lynn Fong says:

    Hey dear, it’s so exciting i can write to you eventually, just let you know I made a few positive changes after read your books, they guide me to choice a happy and brightness way to go, and i will insist. Thank you.

  31. santhosh says:

    Absolutely incredible ! Thanks a million Robin.

    I see podcasts from 27. Where can i find the first 26 ?

  32. Vaibhav says:

    How can I access earlier podcats..?? I can see upto 27 only.
    These are really great, would like to hear all.
    Thanks in advance.

  33. Girinath says:

    Hi Robin, I am not able to access podcasts #1 to #26, I have searched a lot, How do I access them?

  34. Sravya says:

    Dear Sir,
    Your “Who will cry when you die” book has become so invaluable to me, that I carry it all through the day with me.If I need motivation at times(irrespective of the type of issue I face),it shows me a path.
    This book was a gift from my dad to me.Ever since,I have not stopped sharing the knowledge you have shared in this book.I have gifted this book to innumerable people in an attempt to help them live their lives better.

  35. sushil says:

    Dear sir ,
    i am Ph.D student in life science, struggling to bind up my thesis . i am always disturbed by my lab members on minor issue or little arguments. Even my lab members try to follow me like where i am going , to whom i am talking and what i am doing . Most of the members are against me. All those things make me more disturbed. i keep on thinking about the happening in the lab. i am unable to concentrate on my work. i am feeeling velry low . kindly help me and boost my morale .
    with regards

  36. Johan Wessels says:

    Hi Robin

    Thank you for the inspiring books, blogs, PodCasts. I am really privileged to read these. Thank you for the positive change you bring to out lives. When can we expect the next book? Just continue with what you are doing, the world is a richer place for it!!!

  37. didem says:

    Ben kitapi okudm planlar yapmaya ve disiplinli calismaya karar verdm ben hukuk fakultesini kazanmak isteyen biriym ve aol den liseyi bitrdm buyuzden zorlaniyorm ama diyelim basarp kazandm peki sonra zorlanirsam die korkuyorm ve ya basatiki olamzsm siz bana nasl bir yol onerirsnz

  38. Sanjay Vishnu Tapkir says:

    Dear Mr.Robin

    I read your book The monk who sold his Ferrari In Marathi Language, I am really impressed by it. Now I am Reading Who will cry when you die. And next one is Mega Living which is also in Marathi. Now I am reading your books regularly and will definitely follow the techniques. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful books. I wish to meet you.

  39. (100rab) Saurabh says:

    from today ‘A’ new learner to become ‘THE’ learner

  40. Devashish Palkar says:

    Dear Robin,
    I might perhaps be your youngest fan from India at 20!! Hope you are in superb health both- physically and mentally, because there is a world out there fighting, crying , cribbing and succumbing to problems , failures and mediocrity!! I was one of them until i got inspired by your books, quotes , videos and podcasts and let me tell you that it has changed my perspective about life significantly for better!! And because of me , people around me have started to read your books which i feel very satisfied about!! The world needs you Robin!! I hope someday i’ll get to meet you in person!!
    Thanks for being my superhero!!
    Your Biggest Fan,

  41. Geetika sharma says:

    Hiiee Robin hope you are great and as usual busy in preparing &delivering some enlightenment to ur subscribers, indeed you are a gift of god to me I am preparing for ca final and my routine is to study n study only and durings my breaks I use to see your videos that fills me with energy to work more n more n break all limits. You r the greatest n the ultimate inspiration for me. Hope to meet you personally in life. Will surely attend your seminar as now this is in my ” 1 page To Do List”.

  42. Shilpa Anand says:

    Hi Sir…U r next to god for me….I gave up in life n was diagnosed as under depression due to failure in my ca final exams….i underwent psycological treatment for almost two years….taking sedatives n sleeping for hours dint helped much…..i then joined ur blog about a month ago….i ve taken a lead in studies again….n looking forward for a great life ahead…my day starts with reading ur articles…..wish to meet u once in life…..

  43. dr.tushar says:

    How to download it…on mobile

  44. Aditya says:

    You Inspire!

  45. surbhi says:

    How can i download vedios on mobile

  46. Grace says:

    Thank you Robin – your words are life changing.

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